IBK was established with the purpose of manufacturing ice cream coconut shells, installing its first factory in the Dominican Republic. After several years of experience and thanks to the increasing demand of the product, different production centers were created in the subtropics where there are many coconut plantations. Finally, it was decided to establish, in 1992, its two main factories in Kerala (India).

In these plants, is where other types of tropical shells frozen like pineapple and mango are produced. We also have a papaya production line aimed to the candied fruit industry.



The technology used is characteristic of IBK and allows us to produce shells hygienic and suitable for food use, at the same time we ensure that all shells are measured one by one and that meet the volume and parameters described in the specifications.

Both factories are audited in quality and social responsibility by significant ice cream manufacturers.

IBK also has a network of partners and production sites in Central America, South America, Southeast Asia and Spain.