About us

At IBK Tropic, we create, manufacture and sell products for the artisan and industrial ice cream and bakery sectors to satisfy the needs of our clients.

The company

IBK Tropic was founded in 1983, and it started by supplying coconut shells as a vessel for ice cream – a product that took off worldwide, and which is used in more than 30 countries.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired over time, the company decided to broaden its offering of products and services by including other types of shells (pineapple, mango and citrus fruits), in addition to ingredients, coatings and a wide range of toppings, providing a more global service for its clients.

Nowadays, we provide services for the ice cream, bakery, confectionery and HORECA sectors, among others, and we have clients in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

After more than twenty years in the industrial ice cream sector, IBK Tropic has decided to approach small ice cream shops and distributors through its Coco de Impulsoline, in keeping with the company’s policy of providing innovation, services and growth.

The team

IBK Tropic’s main offices are located in Barcelona, from where we manage the supply of our products to clients throughout the world.

We have a team of young professionals with a highly technical-commercial profile that are committed towards the needs and satisfaction of our clients. To this end, we make sure we provide the most suited products of the utmost quality, either from our factories or co-manufactured by our specialized, regulated collaborators.

Customized attention, the active quest to find new products and an ongoing follow-up of market trends allow us to compete in a sector that is continuously evolving, and with the required speed of execution and continuous adaptation.

The products

Our products are original and of great quality, adapted to the nutritional needs of consumers and up to date with the latest innovations.

Our offering includes fruit shells, decorations, inclusions, sauces, fruit and countless ingredients for ice cream and bakery products.

We are able to offer the product that best adapts to your needs, and if we do not have it, we will seek it out and create it for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to resolve any queries or requests!