Vegans and delicious

Following our commitment to the develoment of our vegan range, we anticipate some inclusions for you to enjoy a good sweet. We promise you will Love it!

We would like to point out the 100% vegetable Brownie cubes (dense and soft cocoa cubes), sweet puff pastry cubes (exquisite, coated with coconut oil to maintain all its crisp inside the ice cream), maria granulated cookie, sweet pop corn, cocoa os speculoos cookie pieces.

We would like to remind you that we control the whole process, from the selection of the raw material according to EU regulations, we respect the environment and ensure traceability throughout the supply chain. We also use the most suitable packaging for each product and customer, and we closely follow the entire logistic chain until the delivery of the products in your business or factory.

We will be happy to offer you the information you should need, please do contact our commercial department.